Christmas Presentations in Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead Churches for local schools

From Monday, Christmas presentations begin in Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead. 9 local churches involved (see below) for about 40 local schools (from All Saint’s to Willow) and over 2400 pupils. Next week at Langley Free, St. Paul’s Slough & St. Peter’s Maidenhead and run until Monday 12th December.

Please pray: For each church involved: (Boyn Hill Baptist, Cippenham Free, Langley Free, St. George’s Britwell, St. John the Baptist Eton, St. Paul’s Slough, St. Peter’s Church Maidenhead, St. Mary’s Maidenhead / White Waltham & Slough Baptist) For all those serving both behind the scenes and up front to make each of these presentations happen For the children and staff who attend that the message of the GREATEST gift ever given (Jesus) will connect and remain as those who attend are given a warm welcome in to each church.

“…You are to give him the name Jesus, because He will save his people from their sins” Matthew 1:21

Schools involved include: All Saint’s, Cippenham, Claycots, Colnbrook, Cookham Dean, Courthouse, Dorney, Eton Porney, Eton Wick, Foxborough, Furze Platt Junior, Godolphin, Highfield, Holy Family, Holyport, James Elliman, Iqra, Knowl Hill, Langley Hall, Lent Rise, Littledown, Lynch Hill, Marish, Oldfield, Parlaunt Park, Pennwood, Pippins, Priory, Riverside, (Ryvers), St. Bernard’s Prep, St. Ethelbert’s, St. Mary’s Datchet, St. Mary’s Farnham Royal, St. Peter’s Burnham, St. Peter’s Windsor, St. Piran’s, Western House, Wexham Court, White Waltham, Willow, Woodlands Park…and maybe others?

Thank you for your interest and prayers. Have a good day and weekend.

SHINE in Schools - Schools PrayDay

This Tuesday (15th) is Schools PrayDay and linked with that is SHINE in Schools see:

An opportunity to help / encourage / equip and enable Christians in our schools EVERYDAY to make Jesus known maybe at this time with the lead upto Christmas (6 weeks today!) or any other time. Do pass onto school Christian Groups / Youth Groups / others as appropriate.

Christmas Unwrapped Presentations 2016

9 local churches (Boyn Hill Baptist, Cippenham Free, Langley Free Church, Slough Baptist, St. George’s Britwell, St. John the Baptist Eton, St. Mary’s Maidenhead, St. Paul’s Slough & St. Peter’s Maidenhead) are involved and hosting Christmas presentations for over 25 local schools and well over 2000 pupils plus staff. November 21st – December 9th . There are many other areas from Altrincham to Woodley: Gravesend to Glasgow doing similar events that were first done at Slough Baptist Church 22 years ago. Please do pray for all involved both behind the scenes and upfront in making each one of these presentations happen AND the message of the reason for the season will connect with those who attend.

Opportunities in Schools Ministry

Saturday 15th October 10.00am-3.00pm. (Doors open from 9.30 for resources area - Market Place). A brilliant opportunity for people in our Churches to come; learn, see and be involved in a local opportunity to help inspire, equip and enable ministry in our schools and elsewhere. Details below. Workshops, displays, q & a, take –always and more. Please do make this known to people in our church(es) to come along to Inspiring Christian Faith in Schools. Subjects include: Open The Book, Prayer Spaces in School, a focus on self-harm affecting both children and young people put on by Schoolswork UK, Christmas Unwrapped, Easter Cracked, iSingPOP, REinspired, free on-line resources to use with children and young people during the week and on Sunday’s, Lighthouse and “Keys to Life” from Counties which is BRILIANT! Resources, displays, networking and connection. Venue: Waingels College, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4RF. Early bird available until September 30th. Interested and want to know more click on his link.

It's Your Move! 2016 - some feedback

It’s Your Move! Reflections: Day 3: Loved it!! The team flexible and adaptable; children loved it to!! Some helpful feedback from staff. “ ..Children asked some challenging questions but all were answered (by the team), 9 schools visited - 3 more due tomorrow and so far in Maidenhead, Windsor & Slough 36 schools have had a presentation!

It’s Your Move! Day 2: Great vibes and more really encouraging feedback. Pupils were bouncing this afternoon and team brill again “The children responded very well to the book and the helpers were good at reassuring the children…” this is credit to team of young people serving.

iSingPOP @ St. Peter's Church, Burnham

iSingPOP is just brilliant. Yet again following last Friday’s 2 Concerts at Holy Family Church for St. Bernard’s Prep. School – today it was 2 Concerts at St. Peter’s Church, Burnham for St. Peter’s School. Brilliant!!! Feedback from pupils / staff / Headteacher / parents / older siblings from schools like Burnham Grammar and Cox Green. Loved it. One Grand-parent said “should have been longer…”. For me this started back in January with the first of 6 ‘taster’ sessions and to have the 3rd school have the week and then concert has been so encouraging. Connections with Lighthouse Burnham was brilliant. We have one more school lined up for October and already 4 other schools have requested the free taster session. Check out their website and see if this could happen in other primary schools you may know. Church-School-Community. Music, singing, dancing and the great news of Jesus. Well done Jessy, Luke, Miz, Bill and everyone else who made today’s concerts happen.

iSingPOP @ St. Bernard's Prep School & Holy Family Church

…as a visitor to schools for 30 years I can say iSingPOP is one of the best Church-School links I’ve been aware of and seen in action.!! Brilliant! Well done Jessy!

iSingPOP is just brilliant!!! I am NOT exaggerating. When you talk to parents / staff / Headteachers AND especially the pupils that is the feedback you get. This evening was no exception. 2 Concerts at Holy Family Church for St. Bernard’s Prep. School. Wow. I found it just so moving..and so did others. There is a variety of feedback and one summary from a dad…I wasn’t expecting that…it was much better than I thought. Wow. Or..My son has talked about nothing else all week….singing the songs / doing the dance moves from a mum.

My conclusion is if you know of a Primary school that might be interested then do either pass this on…have a look at their website…or ask.

We have 4 more schools lined up in September for FREE ‘taster’ session. Have a good weekend.

Lighthouse Burnham @ Burnham Grammar School - Opportunity to Serve

Lighthouse Burnham is coming soon and MORE (many more) volunteers are needed to make this happen. A variety of areas to be involved in both crucially behind scenes and up front. More information on the Lighthouse Burnham website. Thanks and please do PRAY for this fantastic ministry opportunity for hundreds of local children age 4-11.

An example of a week in schools with CCiS

Here is an example of an interesting week, which gives a little flavour as to what CCiS is about.

Monday A visit to UTX (Under The Cross) Christian Group at Cox Green School where I had a brilliant time watching Emma lead this group and sharing about Jesus with these young people. Then on to ‘Just Looking’, a new group at Churchmead School, where I am similarly very encouraged by the young people (mainly 11 and 12 year olds) attending.

Tuesday Inter Schools Soccer Sevens boys’ event where eight schools provided the closest competition we’ve had in ten years. In the final round Burnham Park Academy won on penalties against Beechwood School. While there I had chance to share about Sports Plus which is run by Christians in Sport and was of particular interest to some really keen players.

Wednesday I started the day with an assembly at Beechwood where I enjoyed some good connections with the Soccer Sevens before talking with their Headteacher, staff and some pupils and the first chance to do ‘HBD’ (Holiday Brochures Distribution). Really encouraging. Then on to Upton Court Grammar for some more follow up with the players (they were semi-finalists) and to see a little of their school show ‘Grease’. While I was there I heard about a new staff prayer group which meets on Thursdays and enjoyed a chat with the Head of RE about visits to churches made by their 12 year olds. This proved to be a good time to mention a great new Scripture Union resource that is now available called ‘It’s Your Church’ - do check it out. After more classroom work there I was off to Burnham Grammar for some more ‘Hanging Around Ministry’ and specific football follow up and was very encouraged to find that some of the keen players seemed interested in Sports Plus. Just before I saw them I popped into the common room to hear: ‘Hello Wayne…I used to come here!’… from Lewis, who had left the school four years ago but had now graduated from University and was back sharing with the Sixth Form about opportunities for summer jobs. Then that evening a real highlight at Furze Platt Senior as they put on ‘Our House’. A brilliant, dramatic musical featuring music I had grown up with – I loved it! At periods before and after the show, as well as during the interval, I was able to chat with various people as my day drew to a close. _$-! Thursday Back at Beechwood for some ‘HAM’ with staff over tea and breakfast. Then Into assembly and an interesting chat and a chance to make connections with Olive who was there for a session with their Sixth Form. Then off to Lent Rise to see Open the Book which started 6 weeks ago: meeting the team serving on this developing initiative proved to be really encouraging praise God. As the 11 year olds came in I asked some of them what they thought of it since it started and the answers produced some very good vibes! One of the staff reminisced about her visits many years ago to church for ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ and ‘Easter Cracked’, which was great to hear. The school is now going every year to Cippenham Baptist for these events. I heard some sad news as well which was affecting the staff who have had a tough 12 months supporting the school community. Next on to Langley Grammar where the 15 year olds were holding their Charity Week. Along with some interesting chat with staff and pupils I had a chance once again to hear feedback from the Soccer Sevens tournament. I ended the day at the Magnet Leisure Centre watching Newlands’ brilliant Gym & Dance Show and had a great time with current and former pupils and staff. At the end all 450 participants performed together which proved to be a very moving experience as tearful thanks were given by some of the older students like Ellie & Tillie who were performing there for the last time. Two things went through my mind: firstly, what a great privilege it has been to share with all of them about Jesus; and secondly, the opportunities to come when we hope and pray that many of them will be in the exact same venue for the LZ7 Concert at the end of Christianity Awareness Week. Some of them were there five years ago for the first one! What a great evening!

Friday Final assembly of the week at Beechwood, this time with the 14 year olds, where I was asked to give out certificates to the girls who had won the Soccer Sevens the previous week. Some pupils keen on Scripture Union holidays asked for brochures, and I had an interesting chat with a new teacher who had picked up on ‘a verse from the Bible’ shown at the Sixth Form assembly the previous week. Then off to Furze Platt Senior where I received some great encouragement when I asked an 18 year old what her thoughts were with regard to the Christianity Awareness Week held five years ago. ‘Brilliant’ she said, and then ‘I’ll be there’ when she heard that LZ7 are due back in October. It seems from anecdotal evidence that this ministry five years ago connected then and still leaves an impression today. After playing a great game (new to me!) with some lads called ‘one bounce and one kick’. I made the final visit of the day (and week) to Newlands where the buzz from where the buzz from the Dance Show was still evident. Then a chance to STOP, pause, reflect and pray over what had happened throughout the week and to wonder what might grow out of it. I am very humbled by the chances given to me in our schools. Thank you Jesus.