Opportunities in Schools' Ministry

Below is some of what was shared at the CCiS launch that we trust might be useful and informative as we see a variety  opportunities available  in our schools. As mentioned it is not exhaustive and if you would like to know more do check out the website if there is one or contact Wayne Dixon wayne@ccischools.org.uk  Phone: 01753 523058

Some very useful websites:             www.prayforschools.org   Tuesday 19 November, Jubilee Community Church, 41 Marlow Road, Maidenhead SL6 7AQ 8.00-9.00pm www.schoolslive.org             www.biblebasedassemblies.com             www.schoolswork.co.uk             www.childrenmatter.net             www.childrenswork.co.uk
            www.youthwork.co.uk             www.scriptureunion.org.uk/schools             www.examattack.org.uk             www.scriptureunion.org.uk/itsyourmove             www.sloughbaptistchurch.org.uk/schoolsweek             www.lightlive.org www.exploretogether.org                 www.scriptureunion.org.uk/holidays

.      Roadshows (Ruth Norris) " Huge thank you to the Roadshow Team the children had a fantastic day.  It was wonderful to see all the children so actively engaged in learning in such an interactive and multisensory way.  As a staff it was wonderful to be able to participate in this learning as well as to step back at times and observe the children's reactions to the various approaches and activities. "

.      Open The Book (Mark Balfour) www.openthebook.net

.      Youth Alpha @ Westgate (Megan Szpur) http://uk-england.alpha.org/youth/home " My aim was to see young people from all backgrounds, races and religions talking freely about Christ together in my school. Why should something that is such a big part of our lives, be kept quiet in a place we spend most of our time in as young people? "

.      Prayer Spaces in Schools (Rachael Odeniyi) www.prayerspacesinschools.com

.      Sticky Faith (Lianne Smith) This Wednesday, 9th October from 7.00pm (for refreshments) until 9.45pm at St. George's Church, Britwell, Long Furlong Drive, Slough, SL2 2LX  there is to be a Scripture Union training event in partnership with CCiS called 'Sticky Faith' and is part of a regional tour going on in the autumn. "Life long disciples of Jesus - that's what we all want for the children and young people we know. So why do so many give up on their faith in their teenage years or as they enter adult life? What strategies should we employ so that faith matures rather than dies? Research from the Fuller Youth Institute suggests that it's never too early or too late to start developing a faith that grows and lasts - 'Sticky Faith'. The 'Sticky Faith Tour'  will give delegates an opportunity to look at the research and its conclusions. Together we will explore the implications of this for parents, teachers, youth and children's workers and churches as we look at how we can help children and young people to develop a faith that will last a lifetime." Tickets are £8.00 Details and online bookings are on this link http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/YourCommunity/RegionalTeams/SouthEastTeam/StickyFaith-establishingafaiththatlasts/1803117.id

.      Holiday Clubs Resources from Scripture Union  'Mega Makers' 2014 http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/Shop/Holidayclubsmid-weekclubs/MegaMakers/1802872.id

.      X:Site (The Place of the Cross) www.xsiteuk.org

.      Christian Talks in School Assemblies (CTSA - David Janes)

.      Re-Igniting Schools for Christ (RISC - Erica Holt Wycombe YFC) " Following an excellent RISC conference last year we at Wycombe Youth For Christ are inviting you back to another RISC conference.  The conference aims to train and equip young people to be strong in their faith in schools and to reach their peers together for God. It is hard to be a Christian in school and we dedicate this conference to serving and sustaining you in your walk with God during education. This year RISC will take place at Cherry Tree Farm on Saturday 12th (5:00-9:30pm) and Sunday 13th October (9:30am-5:00pm) and will cost £10 for the weekend; anybody from Secondary School or college is welcome." Details sam@wycombeyfc.org.uk

.      Tea Making Ministry (Chrissy Towers) " After building relationships with staff during TMM, I handed over our leaflet to the Head of RE..he booked me in for 19 lessons!  "

.      Wake up to Wednesday (Sue Hoare)

.      Youth Café (Michelle Bryant)

·        East To West (Andy Burns) www.easttowest.org.uk

.      Kidz Klub (Paul Bristow)

·        UCCF / Fusion / Festive  www.uccf.org.uk  www.fusion.uk.com  www.festive.org.uk

.      Lighthouse Burnham (Sue Hoare) " Lighthouse Burnham - Growing into a Year Round project to meet children as well as teenage and adult volunteers with God's unconditional love. 800 4-11 year old children register every year to attend a week of fun activities including gunging! Relating to God's fabulous adventures for the people in the Bible AND for us today Nearly 400 teenage and adult volunteers on a field of marquees to ensure every child has a fantastic time and is safe Age relevant teaching and activities - including craft, drama and sport Unforgettable action songs." Details http://www.lighthouseburnham.org.uk/

.      Christianity Awareness Club at Furze Platt (Ben Dale)

·        ISingPop (Helen Kendall) http://www.isingpop.com/splash.html

·        XLM Mentoring http://www.xlm.org.uk/

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