Christmas Presentations - some feedback

Christmas Unwrapped presentations continue all over the place and it’s just been so encouraging and exciting hearing feedback from pupils and staff alike. Below is a brief selection. Interested in maybe making this happen in your area? If so please get in touch.

Some pupil feedback: “ It was a great experience learning about Jesus. It was fun….” “ The ideas were fantastic! I hope to come back for Easter. Thank you” “ The visit was a great opportunity to learn about the first Christmas thank you” “ Thank you for such a lovely visit at Slough Baptist Church”

Visitor: “ Absolutely brilliant! This was amazing – a really cool way of communicating the Christmas story to kids of this age. This should be rolled out throughout the UK”

Some staff feedback: “ As always, an informative and fun presentation. Well organised & brilliantly presented. Thank you for starting Christmas for us” “ It was great to see all the children interested and involved in your presentation. You’ve ‘connected’ –which is fundamental before telling your Christmas story. It was fun (for all of us) – and helps us as teachers to build-on your good work. God bless” “ An informative and enjoyable session. Thank you!” “ I think it was a most enjoyable afternoon, so many kids don’t understand or know the true meaning of Christmas (it’s all about presents to most) so it Is great to make them aware in such a great way made fun” “ Thank you – a great resource and a lovely way to teach children the facts” “ The Christmas Unwrapped morning is an excellent way to teach & involve the children. It will be something which will have made a great impression on them. Thank you” “ I have never been to such an event and am left very impressed by the experience” “ Gets better every year thank you. Happy Christmas to you all” “ Very interactive and great fun. Informative and well relayed” “Always inspirational thank you” “ A brilliant, stimulating morning. Thank you for all your hard work. I have learnt a lot of facts about the Real Christmas. Thanks again”

Wow!!!!! With 2 weeks of term still to go still many more pupils, teachers and others are hearing about ‘The REASON for the SEASON’ as well as having a positive experience of being in a church. Well done to all for making this happen.!