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It's Your Move! has been just AMAZING in our area. 45 schools were visited, 27 of them received an It's Your Move! presentation with 2 GREAT teams made up of 17 young people. Over 2200 books have been given out to 11 year olds and some really encouraging feedback. From pupils: " My favourite part of the presentation was when we sat in a circle and talked about our worries" (this is where the 16-18 year olds make it really work!) " I thought all of it was brilliant and I have learnt a lot about moving to secondary school and I'm not so worried about moving than I was " " My favourite part was the rap as its having fun and learning at the same time " " The first bit of Drama about the first day of school because it was funny " " When Jonah knew that God knows what's best for him " " Always listen to God " " My favourite part was when we went into groups and talked about moving to secondary school "

From staff: " This presentation was outstanding! The people involved were amazing!..." " I thought this was stunning and all of the children were engaged "

" Just a quick message to say thank you for coming to our school yesterday. Although I couldn't be there to see it for myself, the rest of the year 6 teachers have told me all about it. They said it was a fantastic presentation that really excited and engaged our children. They thought the mixture of music, drama and group discussion worked perfectly and it was clear that the children were gaining a lot from the experience. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to your team. They left a great impression on our pupils and we look forward to having them back next year!" Tim