iSingPOP @ St. Peter's Church, Burnham

iSingPOP is just brilliant. Yet again following last Friday’s 2 Concerts at Holy Family Church for St. Bernard’s Prep. School – today it was 2 Concerts at St. Peter’s Church, Burnham for St. Peter’s School. Brilliant!!! Feedback from pupils / staff / Headteacher / parents / older siblings from schools like Burnham Grammar and Cox Green. Loved it. One Grand-parent said “should have been longer…”. For me this started back in January with the first of 6 ‘taster’ sessions and to have the 3rd school have the week and then concert has been so encouraging. Connections with Lighthouse Burnham was brilliant. We have one more school lined up for October and already 4 other schools have requested the free taster session. Check out their website and see if this could happen in other primary schools you may know. Church-School-Community. Music, singing, dancing and the great news of Jesus. Well done Jessy, Luke, Miz, Bill and everyone else who made today’s concerts happen.