Opportunities in Schools Ministry

Saturday 15th October 10.00am-3.00pm. (Doors open from 9.30 for resources area - Market Place). A brilliant opportunity for people in our Churches to come; learn, see and be involved in a local opportunity to help inspire, equip and enable ministry in our schools and elsewhere. Details below. Workshops, displays, q & a, take –always and more. Please do make this known to people in our church(es) to come along to Inspiring Christian Faith in Schools. Subjects include: Open The Book, Prayer Spaces in School, a focus on self-harm affecting both children and young people put on by Schoolswork UK, Christmas Unwrapped, Easter Cracked, iSingPOP, REinspired, free on-line resources to use with children and young people during the week and on Sunday’s, Lighthouse and “Keys to Life” from Counties which is BRILIANT! Resources, displays, networking and connection. Venue: Waingels College, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4RF. Early bird available until September 30th. Interested and want to know more click on his link. http://www.reinspired.org.uk/day-conference-2016