ISingPOP in local schools

“ I thought it was both brilliant and inspiring. I loved how Jessy was able to interweave music, R.E. and dance. The children really responded well to her energetic nature too. The songs were both catchy and meaningful. A great initiative to remind children how their faith can keep them strong. Wouldn’t it be great if this approach was seen as the norm, rather than as a one off experience?”

Over the years I’ve had the chance to see some amazing schools ministry and yesterday was one of those as I observed iSingPOP in action. “School, Church, Community”. Brilliant. They’ve been in 6 local schools over 3 days and amazing. Thank you Jessy for your amazing ministry. Seeing ALL the staff bouncing as well as all the pupils. In one school, which was a one hour ‘taster’ session, there was all years from 1-6 and feedback as in all schools I’ve seen has been brilliant. Recommend iSingPOP BIG time. Check out their brill website