iSingPOP @ St. Bernard's Prep School & Holy Family Church

…as a visitor to schools for 30 years I can say iSingPOP is one of the best Church-School links I’ve been aware of and seen in action.!! Brilliant! Well done Jessy!

iSingPOP is just brilliant!!! I am NOT exaggerating. When you talk to parents / staff / Headteachers AND especially the pupils that is the feedback you get. This evening was no exception. 2 Concerts at Holy Family Church for St. Bernard’s Prep. School. Wow. I found it just so moving..and so did others. There is a variety of feedback and one summary from a dad…I wasn’t expecting that…it was much better than I thought. Wow. Or..My son has talked about nothing else all week….singing the songs / doing the dance moves from a mum.

My conclusion is if you know of a Primary school that might be interested then do either pass this on…have a look at their website…or ask.

We have 4 more schools lined up in September for FREE ‘taster’ session. Have a good weekend.