Sarah Jenkins

I grew up in a small village in Essex where I attended our local Church of England church with my family. I remember first being introduced to the stories of the Bible at Sunday School, and after a lot of spiritual exploration in my early teenage years, I committed my life to Christ when I was fifteen. After secondary school, I went to Performing Arts College before continuing the pursuit of my love for Drama at Kingston University. Whilst living in London, I received my first youth work appointment from the church I was attending; I ended up enjoying this post so much that I decided to change the direction of my degree. I went on to study with the Institution of Children, Youth and Mission, spending two years on placement in Warwickshire, and then my final year at St Paul’s Church in Slough. It was here where I found out about CCiS.

God has lead me on a very ‘scenic route’ to this point in my life, but each twist and turn has provided me with invaluable experience and a great passion for youth and children’s work. I am very excited to continue the wonderful ministry in Primary School’s across Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead through assemblies, iSingPop, It’s Your Move, and Christmas Unwrapped and Easter Cracked. I also hope to introduce other exciting projects in the future, including Prayer Spaces and lunch time clubs. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity continue working with the younger generation, and to be playing just a small role in the wonderful ministries taking place in Berkshire.